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  • I’m Loving: Calm

    On Cyber Monday, I received a barrage of emails trying to convince me (quite the price sensitive – a euphemism for fru- … cheap – consumer ) to pull out my credit card and ‘treat myself’. The only purchase I made on that day was a year-long subscription to Calm. At the beautiful price-point of $30 for 12 […]

  • 399 Days of Monochrome

    399 days ago, I decided to dive in and use my phone in monochrome (everything is a shade from white to black). The general idea is that lovely UX designers spend hours and hours of time trying to optimize the aesthetics of their operating system, application, etc. ( let alone advertisers and other content creators). […]

  • Why I Work

    I have been working through Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. In one of the activities, they ask you to describe your workview – why you work – referring to all of your labors, not just what you do for money. I work: Out of […]

  • Quote On My Mind 12/8/18

    Being imaginative and dreaming is absolutely important. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise and don’t let considerations of ‘the practical’ mute or dull your ability to dream. Paul J. Burgett

  • Via Negativa and the Copenhagen Consensus Center

    “The Copenhagen Consensus Center is a think tank that researches the smartest solutions for the world’s biggest problems, advising policy-makers and philanthropists how to spend their money most effectively.” This institution has attempted to rank-order interventions that philanthropic humanists should engage in to maximize their return, articulated in $USD return-on-investment per $USD spent. I will […]