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  • Seeking Tribe #10: Birthday in Quarantine

    I turned 26 years old yesterday. Usually having a November 21st birthday is quite nice because I’ve always been able to see family and friends, due to its proximity to Thanksgiving. This year, I decided to just isolate and lay low because of the recent spike in hospitalizations in Rochester (and throughout many states in […]

  • Seeking Tribe #9: Getting Back After It

    As a few of you may have noticed, I didn’t send an issue of Seeking Tribe last week. After 2 months of delivering every week, I faltered and let a week go by. The reality is that this happens to all of us in various pursuits. Many times in my life I’ve had a killer gym […]

  • Seeking Tribe #8: We’re All Going To Make It

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloweekend. It feels strange that we used to have, more or less, one set day to wear a mask…and now we all wear them every day (is this a coronavirus joke or…?) While the spoozy szn has past, I know the real scary day on your calendar, for many […]

  • Seeking Tribe #7: Back in the Coffee Shop

    In Rochester, we’ve been extremely fortunate that our rate of coronavirus transmission has been low knock on wood. One of my favorite coffee shops opened back up last week. It was wild to realize that I hadn’t been there for almost a year. Where did 2020 go? Sometimes it feels like it will never end and […]

  • Seeking Tribe #6: Dare to be Grateful

    This last week was a low energy one. In Rochester, the leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees. The sun is setting earlier and the nights are growing colder. Growing up, it was common that it would snow on Halloween! Winter might not be here yet, but it’s right around the corner. I hope […]

  • Seeking Tribe #5: Friendship on a Boaring Friday Afternoon

    I hope that you’ve had an excellent week and you’re excited to enjoy whatever your weekend has in store. Today I’m feeling grateful for the opportunities presented by the social internet. While these tools are certainly being used to exacerbate fear, outrage, and polarization, they also enable people from all over the world to develop […]

  • Seeking Tribe #4: Post-Truth Green Nuclear Deal ? Hell Yeah or No

    Friendship and community are key driving forces in my life. SigEp, Student Government, iZone, Lead The Future, even my travels abroad were all worthwhile, first and foremost, because of the people that they connected me with. As we look forward into a future with high uncertainty, we can either be paralyzed, complacent, or proactive. Summer […]

  • Seeking Tribe #3: Lookin’ for All My Real Fans

    Let’s start this week on a high note! Whatever challenges you have staring you down this week, please know that I believe in you. Thank you to everyone who has taken a moment to reply to these first few editions. I am so glad that this project has enabled us to reconnect! The Best of […]

  • Seeking Tribe #2: Bison, Boars, And Books — Oh My!

    Can you feel it? It’s going to be a wonderful week. I am so grateful for the positive initial response to this newsletter and thankful that you decided to stick around. This past week, I had a couple friends from out of town visiting so I ended up much more focused on friendship than my […]

  • Seeking Tribe #1: Return of the Newsletter

    After an unexpectedly chaotic start to 2020, I am now settled and ready to focus a significant amount of time on a few personal projects: Growing and connecting my [digital] network of leaders, hackers, artists, and dreamers Regularly creating blog posts, book reviews, and audio content My intention with Seeking Tribe is to connect you […]