I’m Loving: Calm

On Cyber Monday, I received a barrage of emails trying to convince me (quite the price sensitive – a euphemism for fru- … cheap – consumer ) to pull out my credit card and ‘treat myself’.

The only purchase I made on that day was a year-long subscription to Calm.

At the beautiful price-point of $30 for 12 months, I now have access to a meditation toolkit, optimized by software engineers, to get me hooked on… finding my breath and noticing my thought patterns. 

I have been spending upwards of 20 minutes meditating every day for the last week or so. It is nice to breathe during my work day and recognize my breath, appreciate the moment, and step back from whatever ideas are consuming me.

For those fellow users wondering, I am definitely a rain sounds kinda guy.

If you’re curious about meditation but don’t know where to get started, I’d highly recommend this short little Youtube video. I was listening to that with some frequency before Calm sold me. 

I know that I’m an ad. Do you?

As of 12/10/18, no one has offered me any money for any of my writings but I wouldn’t mind it if someone did…

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