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  • Launching Community Leadership Email Course

    Thanks for your interest in my free email course! I will be updating this page and will send additional information to everyone who signs up for the course. It might be fun to take a screenshot of this first draft launch page. The more of you who sign up for the course and respond to […]

  • Perceiving and Planning

    This blog is an excerpt from my book, Lead The Future: Strategies and Systems for Emerging Leaders (the e-book is cheaper here). Throughout my education, I always felt a bit jealous of my peers who were sure about their career paths. While many of these people changed their plans as they got more experience or did not get […]

  • Seeking Tribe #18: A Time to Poast and a Time To Log Off

    Long time no email! I meant to reach out while on my journey…and then when I returned…and then every week since then. I wrote a draft Seeking Tribe while I was living it up in Austin but I never pressed send. I’ve previously alluded to the absurd amount of time that I’ve spent on Twitter. My use […]

  • Seeking Tribe #17: Dark Winter is Over

    I am feeling quite optimistic at this moment (it may not be a coincidence that you receive emails from me on days when I’m feeling particularly positive and energetic,,,). For those of you who are a bit tuned out, and I do not blame you: Over 82 million Americans have received a dose of a […]

  • Seeking Tribe #16: Coping With The Moderately Dystopic Time Machine

    In Our Perspective Is Improbably Warped, we briefly explored how our perception of the world is altered and reinforced by our networks, feedback from algorithms, and media consumption choices. These forces and the wild events of the past year have given us all a lot of new information to consider as we think about what the […]

  • Seeking Tribe #15: Our Perspective is Improbably Warped

    We live in a world where the improbable happens every day and it’s recorded on camera and curated by people and algorithms to dominate our perception. The improbable consists of more than just accidents. The internets are also brimming with improbable feats of performance — someone who can run up a side of a building, or slide down suburban […]

  • Seeking Tribe #14: Return to Tribe

    I hope that everyone’s 2021 has been off to an excellent start. I’ve been staying busy while trying to figure out what big moves I’m trying to make in the next year. My three main goals for the year are: Move to a new, growing city that’s filled with energy and opportunities Secure a role […]

  • Seeking Tribe #13: Substack Launch!

    Are you interested in challenging your assumptions and biases? Do you want to connect with other thoughtful, ambitious, curious people? My friends and I are all committed to building a future that is much better than any of us alone could imagine. We’re tired of doom and gloom. We don’t want to spend our attention […]

  • Seeking Tribe #12: Home for the Holidays

    I’m back at my Mom’s house and I’ll be here for the next 2+ weeks. After spending my Thanksgiving watching Lord of the Rings and eating frozen pizza with one of my housemates, it’s nice to be celebrating the season in a more conventional way. Like listening to Bing Crosby and eating stollen.  My plan […]

  • Seeking Tribe #11: Good Vibes and Gratitude

    What if we started every day with gratitude? Many of us just celebrated Thanksgiving. For some, this may have been the first year that we didn’t celebrate with our family (this was the case for me, out of an abundance of caution). Personally, I love Thanksgiving. I think it’s great that we have a national […]