Seeking Tribe #3: Lookin’ for All My Real Fans

Let’s start this week on a high note!

Whatever challenges you have staring you down this week, please know that I believe in you.

Thank you to everyone who has taken a moment to reply to these first few editions. I am so glad that this project has enabled us to reconnect!

The Best of my Recent Reads:

  • 14 colleges in NY likely to ‘perish’ in coronavirus pandemic, new analysis says (7/27/20). Professor Scott Galloway has long been sounding the alarm about the threats that higher education faces, from the coronavirus to increased costs and reliance on all-time-high tuition rates. The content of this story comes from his comprehensive analysis of colleges and universities throughout the US.

    Want to see where your alma mater stacks up in his analysis and by what metrics? Click here (University of Rochester is unfortunately not in the ‘Thrive’ quadrant).
  • Complex problems — for example, any question of public policy— always surprise you by their depths. Lars Schönander’s recent piece ‘The Case for Supporting Open Source Infrastructure‘ further complicated my understanding of value v. value-capture (see Inequality and Power Laws). His analysis reveals how vital open source tools are for governmental, non-profit, and private sector operations and makes the case for actively investing in their maintenance and development.
  • Is Cheyenne, Wyoming about to become the finance capital of the US? Kraken Financial was approved to become the first ‘Bitcoin Bank,’ receiving a formal bank charter that is recognized by both federal and state law. Wyoming created a regulatory environment that is conducive to gaining whatever upside may come from cryptocurrencies, while New York passed regulations to kill the Big Banks’ competition.

    [Full disclosure, I own a small amount of $BTC. If you’d want to read more about that, DM me! *Not Financial Advice*]

My top recent posts:

  • If you still don’t believe inequality matters, you haven’t been paying attention. But where does this inequality come from and is there a tension between profitable innovation, ie. the creation of consumer photography, re: Kodak, and inequality? Read more about ‘Inequality and Power Laws
  • While Kanye is freaking the media as he works to own his masters, and advocates for black equity. I figured it was a good opportunity to plug my essay ‘999 Real Fans.’ This essay is a synthesis of Kevin Kelly’s 1,000 True Fans and the biggest lesson I’ve taken away from Kanye’s self-love.

Question for you all:

What good habit do you wish you started building a month ago? Or which bad habit do you wish you stopped a month ago?

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