Seeking Tribe #1: Return of the Newsletter

After an unexpectedly chaotic start to 2020, I am now settled and ready to focus a significant amount of time on a few personal projects:

  • Growing and connecting my [digital] network of leaders, hackers, artists, and dreamers
  • Regularly creating blog posts, book reviews, and audio content

My intention with Seeking Tribe is to connect you all to ideas, people, perspectives, and practices that will enable us to solve the looming problems humanity, and our local communities, will face over the coming decades.

If you’re reading this blog, I think the decisions of how you spend your creative energy and time are of great significance and I’d love for you to join me on this journey.

The most thought-provoking articles I’ve read lately:

Magic Eight Ball Politics: Kamala Harris and the Success of Oligarchy by ‘Dumb Classics Guy’ An insightful analysis of the outcomes of the Democratic Primary, from the left

Hard Forking Reality (Part 1) by Justin Murphy We’ve seen the rise of QAnon, Flat Earthers, and other subcultures with distinct worldviews. Justin believes that the idea of ‘consensus reality,’ to the extent that it ever existed, is now over…

Thriverism by Sonya Mann “The straightforward answer to ‘what does it all matter!’ is that empirically, we do matter to each other. If your model indicates that this is insufficient, adjust your model. Because, look, it’s what we’ve got and here we are, mattering as hard as we can. Who you gonna believe, your eyes or your own lying mind?”

The Non-Voter by Chris Arnade Chris reminds us that the largest political affiliation in America is the non-voter. If you talk about politics every day, you need to read this!

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