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Seeking Tribe #6: Dare to be Grateful


This last week was a low energy one.

In Rochester, the leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees. The sun is setting earlier and the nights are growing colder. Growing up, it was common that it would snow on Halloween! Winter might not be here yet, but it’s right around the corner.

I hope you can all create the space to enjoy these last moments of fall. Go for a long walk in a park. Meet up with an acquaintance for a distanced-outdoor drink at a local bar (ayyy). Sit on your front porch and enjoy the sun on a chilly fall morning (with a hot cup of coffee).

The Best of my Recent Reads:

I received a few messages from readers of Seeking Tribe last week asking if I could make a few connections. These may be out there but I figured I’d ask! Please feel free to reach out if you have an ask, or would like to be connected with either of these friends.

  • Are you of you particularly interested in political philosophy? Are you looking for a roommate by any chance?
  • Do any of you know anyone looking for interns at the intersections of data science and sustainability? My friend Claude is looking for leads, you can see his sustainability blog here.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful week and try to find enjoyment wherever you can. Looking back at 2019, it’s now easy to see that there is a lot that we take for granted.

Dare to be grateful!

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Why I Work


I have been working through Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

In one of the activities, they ask you to describe your workview – why you work – referring to all of your labors, not just what you do for money.

I work:

  • Out of respect for those who came before and labored so we could have such wealthy, blessed lives (ie. compared to people historically)
  • Because I want to be attractive to my [future] wife, high-value to my friends, and a role-model, reliable figure for my [future] children
  • Because I am blessed with good health, a highly-valued education, and a set of unique, valuable talents
  • Because I want to give back to my local community and increase the standard-of-living of the most vulnerable in our society
  • Because I want to have credibility and influence with decision-makers who will impact our community, nation, and world in non-linear ways
  • Because I know a purely materialistic worldview is naive and that honor, accomplishment, and responsibility add to the richness of life
  • Because I have been inspired and supported by hardworking people who are happy, energized by life, and who embody a non-materialistic version of ‘success’
  • Because it gives me energy
  • Because it creates opportunities to meet amazing, driven people who share my values and challenge my assumptions
  • Because having to be awake and in specific locations at certain times brings order to my life that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle
  • Because I like to solve problems and experience the personal growth that comes through facing challenges
  • Because the transmutation of my labor into service and wealth means there will be less poverty and suffering in the world
  • Because I want to amass excess capital so I can use it to support bold, risky ideas that have the potential to solve people’s problems
  • Because humanity’s survival and prosperity is not guaranteed and perhaps even improbable
  • Because, believing the above bullet, it still helps me to sleep at night

Why do you work?