There are endless books to read on the decline of community.

For most of you, I’m sure you don’t need to read a book—you see it all around you.

The works of Jane Jacobs’ were prescient in describing the decline of community and its costs, as a function of economic, design, and technological shifts. After reading her book Dark Age Ahead, I wrote a few blog posts all touching on the themes that resonated with me from her book: the case for optimism, opposition to utopia and peer-to-peer transmission of knowledge; creating a post-pandemic world that is conducive to in-person community; claiming Jane Jacobs as a fellow ‘liberal localist’ and a selection of choice quotes.

The second of those posts was a bit bleak. It made me want to make further initiative to be part of the solution.

But there is no reason to despair. We have agency. The decisions that we make locally and interpersonally tilt us toward or away from the aforementioned dystopia—in our present and our future. A little shock may be all that’s necessary to refocus our attention.

Now is a time for action.

I am now developing a course on ‘Community Leadership in the 21st Century’. It will start as a free email course and evolve into a series of video lectures and synchronous, cohort-based courses.

Topics that we’ll cover in the course:

  • Refining your vision
  • Recruiting your first collaborators
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Building an organization that can survive beyond your tenure
  • Engaging members
  • Communications strategy
  • Introspective leadership

My relevant background:

  • Author of Lead The Future: Strategies and Systems for Emerging Leaders—a synthesis of my community-based leadership experiences
  • Co-founded an early-stage incubator, iZone, targeted at the undergraduate population of my alma mater, University of Rochester
  • Building my own online-first (for now) community through my newsletter Seeking Tribe [and helping others to do the same through paid advising sessions]
  • Served as Class President or Student Body President throughout the duration of my time in undergrad
  • Led, organized, and scaled communities and organizations of various shapes and sizes for over a decade: digital networks, social clubs, environmental activist organizations, guilds, online educational communities, and more…

If you believe that a more beautiful future is possible and you want to be part of turning it into a reality, take the first step with me today:

Community Leadership in the 21st Century

This email course will help you to refine your vision, identify co-conspirators, and make the world a little bit better.

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